Monday, June 27, 2022

A Little Udate

Whew! What a year! I mean look at the photos below. These two have grown up so much in the year we have lived in Texas. I am so incredibly proud of them. I know gushy Mom moment! But seriously, they endured a 22 hour move from their home, friends, and all of our family to a state where we knew absolutely NO ONE! Making friends has not been easy for myself or my oldest but we are trying. We have gotten more answers to some of his social issues as well -- which I am so thankful for. For me, I work remotely so I have not had a lot of opportunities to get out there an actually meet people. On the other hand my daughter is a little social butterfly and has made friends so easily. It is interesting when we go places and she is instantly recognized and her friends scream her name just to say hello.

The holidays were hard for us all. I know I suffered from extreme homesickness, depression and anxiety, but I finally pulled through it and am feeling more like myself. I am slowly getting back into the things I loved to do such as crocheting, blogging and writing. I still stream but have backed that down to once a week as I started working full time remotely. 

The school also helped Kaileb out by getting him on a 504. We also now know that his behavioral issues are because he has Autism Asperger's, ADHD and Anxiety. Which explains so much about him. We are all navigating a  new way of thinking and helping our boy out as we learn more about how he communicates best and how to talk to him in a way he understands without setting his anxiety into overdrive which causes his Asperger's and ADHD to go into overdrive.

I have so much more to fill you all in on now that I am finally starting to feel like myself again, but I will save those stories for another post. In the mean time enjoy the Fall vs Spring school photos of my littles. Haven't they grown up so much!?



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