Saturday, April 9, 2022

We Moved

We made the choice to take off on a new adventure and sold our home in Washington State and moved all the way to Texas.

Here I am taking my last selfie in our home before walking out the door for the very last time. So many memories were made here and I will always cherish those. 


All packed up and ready to go! It took us 3 days to drive there with two cats, a gecko, our dog, the kids of course and a trunk full of plants!


Kids slept together while at the hotel. The drive and well Dramamine knocked them out. They both get car sick on super long rides so the Dramamine was necessary. This was the first hotel morning. 


On to to day two f the drive! Things were a little squished but we managed. We also ended up listening to the first two Harry Potter Books and while they slept I listened the last Harry Dresden book. Driving that far and long and sometimes not having service those audio books saved us from a dead quiet car. Or rather it saved me and let me focus on something more than the quiet.


On day two we made it to Colorado! We got diverted through Aspen due to road construction on the highway. It was probably the most gorgeous scenery ever! It will also be my first and last time I can ever say I went to Aspen. Later that day though I got some pretty devastating news and ended up driving more than I should have, but I couldn't sleep so I pushed on. The end result was we got to see Matt the next morning!



We were all so happy to be done driving and with each other again. You see that mans happy smile to have his family back together? Yeah that smile was so worth it. 


We stayed in a hotel for about two weeks while we finalized everything and got everything ready for us to move in. 


Kiddos had some pretty fun times at the parks around the area, and we found the only splash park in our town. Thankfully there is a water park we can go play at in the summer. 


We finally got to close on our home and move in! There were so many hiccups and things that went wrong, we at points we thought we would end up losing this sale due to banking errors and miscommunications from the realtor companies. In the end the owners of the house we bought understood and instead of forcing us to to lose all the money we put into moving here they worked with us. Which was nice for a change since the company representing them had almost no wiggle room for the human element that is sometimes life. 

I am glad we were able to move into our new home before school started for our two kiddos though. They quickly lost the novelty of wanting to ride the school bus and keep asking if we can walk to school. Silly kiddos, that will not be happening anytime soon. 


Shortly after schools started both the kiddos joined up with a local family friendly Cub Scouts troop. Briona is finishing up her year of the Wolf and Kaileb is finishing up his 1st year as a Webalo. 

Until next time lovies!