Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Hey Hi Hello

Well hello there! I think it's been a bit too long since I last dropped in here and updated you all on my life. Lots of changes happened in the last few years. I have been battling depression and anxiety, and I do attribute that along with imposter syndrome for my lack of posts. I have kept this little blog of mine up and running with every intention on continuing to blog about life and the kids. Life on the other had really kicked my butt. 

With that said I have been really working hard on tackling my depression and anxiety. I still have a long way to go with tackling the imposter syndrome. One step at a time. In the mean time if you have kept up with me on my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Page I truly appreciate your continued support!

In the last few years I have also started streaming on Twitch and started my own community on Discord. So if gaming, random crochet, cooking, and witchy topics are you thing drop on by. I would love to have you part of my community there also!

Next blog post I will catch you up on all the family life happenings! Until then Blessed Be my lovies!

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