Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What Happened to Summer?

This summer was crazy busy and hectic. We got displaced from out home Memorial Day weekend due to my husband's exposure to the Corona Virus. 

What we thought was a one time exposure that would require us to quarantine away from him for 2 weeks turned into an 11 week call out at his work. What a long 11 weeks it was!

We spent two weeks with my Dad and Mom. There was Smores and game nights and school. 

And then we moved in with friends who had a few spare bedrooms. We would spend the rest of the summer there. We finished out the school year, went on lots of walks, swam, broke open geodes, had some super awesome visitors and made some new friends and I even performed a wedding!

I dyed my hair teal green right before the 4th of July!

This puppers was the cutest. She would watch us sew in the sewing room/bedroom. Our precious Teeny girl.

After Our friends left my computer parts came in so we took a trip to see my sister and brother-in-law. They helped me rebuild it.

Isn't swinging on a tire swing the epitome of summer....or childhood in general?

Kaileb learned how to mow a law. He now wants to mow our lawn so we can give him money for it.

We even got a sweet visit from Auntie Robin. She loves these two like they were her own niece and nephew.

 After the wedding I got the best news ever! We would be moving home in a few short weeks. I didn't end up taking a lot of photos after that because we got super busy with life.

Reunited after 11 weeks apart. This was the best day ever. The Grandparents had the kiddos so that I could get us moved in and clean up and disinfect the house before going and getting them the next day.
I thought getting to see my husband after 11 weeks was the highlight of our summer but seeing him and the kids be reunited was by far the best thing ever.

We took a trip with my friend, Sara and her daughter to Rimrock and swam in the river and took a little hike.

And that pretty much ended our adventurous summer. One that I really do not wish to repeat, but also will cherish too.

Those 11 weeks of forced separation was grueling mentally for everyone involved and we are so glad it is over. Our next adventure is going to be virtual school while we wait for the world to go back to normal again.

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