Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Little Life Update.

Wow, 2019 really got away from me. A lot happened in the last year -- from loss of a family member, to being in a really bad car accident that I am finally healing from. Okay – well maybe that isn’t a whole lot of things, but when you are dealing with debilitating pain, doctors almost every single day and all of them tell you that you are fine, but they believe you are in pain and proceed to write you off and not do anything further to help you, you end up falling into a deep dark hole.

Without the support of my family and friends I don’t think I could have survived the last 10 months. The pain I was in was excruciating. I was NOT a joy to be around. I tried my best to not take it out on my loved ones, but I know I was a very cranky short tempered person. If it were not for my kids and husband, I would have given up. Instead I kept pushing and pushing my doctor for answers.
I am finally getting those answers and help from an amazing doctor who decided to look further into my pain and try other options than throwing pain medication at me. Pain medication I refused to take anyway.

I know how that sounds, being in that amount of pain and refusing pain meds? If you have been here a while you know that my mother was a drug addict and I was born on heroine (her drug of choice at the time). I am more petrified of becoming an addict than I ever was of the pain. I would rather suffer than go down that road. I digress; the point is this doctor has almost gotten all of my pain under control. We are working a few other things to finish up my treatment. Once that is done, I can finally give my lawyers the go ahead to close my case and hopefully end this almost year long nightmare.  

Fingers crossed! I really hope this is the case as I really do not want to keep jumping through hoops for medical care. Especially when it is obvious the “specialist” don’t care at all.

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