Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Weight Loss Journey

Back in January I started talking to my old friend Adam. We hadn't talked since high school so a lot of things had changed between then and now. For instance Adam is now a very successful Physical Trainer. He founded Ultimate Edge Fitness in West Valley before selling his gym and moving to Seattle where he is now private Trainer. When you talk to him you can tell this is his passion and he truly wants to help you find the right program for you, where you see results. He makes it really easy to NOT fail. We had been talking for a while now about my weight and I decided to let him take control and come up with a plan that would hopefully work for me.   

This was at the beginning of my journey.

This was at the beginning of my journey.
Now mind you I am the biggest skeptic in the world. Especially since I have tried different "diets" and working with my doctor to help control my growing scale. You see with PCOS it is very easy to put on the weight but it is very hard to lose it. Over the years I had tried a diabetic diet and the PCOS diet because the professionals told me that it would be the best diets to follow with having PCOS. I did that in conjunction with working out and to my dismay I only gained weight.                                                                              

This was at the beginning of my journey.
This was at the beginning of my journey.

When you are trying so hard to lose weight and the only thing you keep seeing is the scale going up and your clothes getting tighter it does something to your self esteem. I know for me, personally, it crushed me. My weight has played into my depression and the way I interact with people. In the past years I have shied away from social interaction due to my size. It was easier to stay at home and hide instead of going out in public where I felt like everyone was judging me due to my size.

Look how my clothes are hanging off of me!!!!
This year I have been working on changing that mindset. Adam and his program, I decided, was my Hail Mary. If this didn't work I was fully prepared to go to my doctor and start talking to her about vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VGS) surgery.

Look how my clothes are hanging off of me!!!!
 I was desperate for a change and to actually see some progress. Something had to go the right way at some point for me. Something had to change.

I threw all my eggs into one basket and metaphorically handed said basket over to Adam. I did his 8 week course, which ended the week before I had shoulder surgery (but that will be a different blog post all together).

Week One Starting Weight 240lbs
Week Eight Ending Weight 222lbs

50lbs makes a huge difference!!! Look at how much my face has changed!
Our overall goal was a 30lb loss. Even though I only say an 18lb loss, it was more than worth it. During those 8 weeks, he gave me the tools to change my eating habits. Now I mostly follow a Keto Diet, which has my energy up so much that most days I don't even need coffee to help me cope with the day. During those eight weeks, I was able to come off of my antidepressant medication, that I had been on for almost two years (which, if you didn't know most antidepressant medication will make it almost impossible for you to lose weight - I did not know this until very recently). Which for myself personally I feel like this was a huge accomplishment.

          I got measured 3 weeks ago for this dress and it fit perfectly, in three weeks she has had to take it in another inch on both sides, the shoulders and chest area.

My head space has been amazing since cutting out sugar, starches and cutting my carbs down to about 5% of my daily intake. Changing my diet around like this also had another amazing side effect. I saw my doctor because my metformin (that I had been on for almost 7 years) was making me sick. I constantly felt like my blood sugar was low, so I had stopped taking it. On the days I did not take it I felt amazing. After telling my doctor this she ran a few blood tests and told me that I did not need to be on it anymore. We are going to test again in six months to make sure this is still true.

               I got measured 3 weeks ago for this dress and it fit perfectly, in three weeks she has had to take it in another inch on both sides, the shoulders and chest area.
 I am also in the process of replacing my clothes. All the clothes I have are now hanging off of me. I wish I would have done my measurements because I know I lost inches, but I could not tell you how many inches I lost in this 8 week period.

18lbs versus the 30lbs we were aiming for may seem like a failure to most people, but it wasn't for me. In the long run I had way more success than just weight loss. My health is amazing now. Being off my medication is a huge success. Maybe a bigger win in my books than the weight loss I am continuing to see.

I loved that Adam had me checking in every week. He pushed me to be more accountable. When I attempted weight loss prior to this, I never took progress photos. I was hiding and by making my journey public and taking photos and checking in with friends and family - not just with Adam - I kept myself accountable.

In November I was 272lbs, over the month of December when I first started talking to Adam, I started making small changes. So even though during the program I didn't meet our weight loss goal, I still feel like I did in the gran scheme of things because overall I have lost just a little over 50lbs, I am off all medication, I have an enormous amount of energy, and I am getting out of the house. I am no longer hiding. I am starting to love the person I am seeing in the mirror. That itself is an amazing feeling. Along with how mentally well I am feeling now, it has also helped my interactions with my husband and children. I feel like I have more patience, I am not getting upset over small things anymore and some of things I got easily annoyed or upset about, I have noticed that I am not as easily upset or annoyed by them any longer.

If you are ready to lose some weight, please check out my friend Adam with Ultimate Edge Fitness, and give him a try. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in your results. And I know from personal experience he will help you find the fitness and diet program that fits your life. I am a wife, a busy mom of two, I nanny 2-4 kids, a secretary for the Eagles, a wife, an a Independent Consultant with Perfectly Posh, and a Photographer. Trust me, if Adam can fit a good fitness program and diet into my busy lifestyle, then  you can do this too.

Check out the links I provided, and give Adam with Ultimate Edge Fitness a call if you are ready to take your life back and stop living by the number on the scale. You deserve to be happy and healthy.