Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Mother's Day

On Thursday the littles and I made cards for their parents and planted a cute little succulent for them to take care of.

H and B were so excited to give their mommies their presents. It was seriously adorable and so much fun doing this for them.

This was Squish's finished card for me. I think I may have a little Picasso on my hands.

Later that day when Turtle got home from Pre-k he gave me this sweet little card and necklace he made at school.

Seriously adorable right? My first of many school made Mother's Day presents and cards I am sure. I will totally admit, I got a little teary eyed when I opened it and read the card. 

On Saturday we went down to visit my in-laws after they got settled back into their home after being gone for six months.

Squish was so excited that she was able to play the slot machine at Grandma and PopPop's house. These kids have missed their Grandparents so much.

Then we headed over to my Dad's to drop off my step-mom's Mother's Day present and found out that my Dad had to work all day the next day. So did my husband, so we "kidnapped" her for the night so we could spend our Mother's Day together.

It was a great day. We woke up and went to the Kennewick Eagles for a yummy breakfast that they were hosting for Mom's. We each got a free breakfast and a carnation from them for being mom's. Then we went and got a coffee where we each received another flower. This time a Rose. Thank you Roasters for giving us each a flower with our coffee. 

The rest of the day we just hung out with the kids, played in the back yard, did some house work and yard work. You know - normal stuff.

At least until my husband came home. Riot gave me my Mother's Day present and told me to pack a bag and have a night off.

A night off? You sure as heck do not have to tell me twice. So Kathy and I packed back up, went to Shari's for dinner (where they gave us another rose) and drove back over to my Dad's house.

We stayed up way to late talking and watching Outlander - but it was a nice night off, one I very much needed.

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