Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sleep Lovers By ZzzQuil

Recently I got the chance to try out ZzzQuil for free from Influenster for testing purposes. Now I am not a big fan of artificial sleep. But it has to be better than what I am already doing - which is basically read until I am so tired I am falling asleep.

Doesn't matter what I do throughout the day or how early or late I go to bed. As soon as I lay down it is like a switch is flipped and I am automatically awake. 

After trying these two little pills I will admit I got the best nights sleep. I also fell asleep faster than I have in a long time (and that's saying something).

I may not go out and buy it all the time, but I will be keeping some on hand for those nights I am desperate for some decent sleep. 

***I received this product for free from Influenster for testing purposes only, all opinions are my own.***

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