Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Country Crock Review

***I received this product free for testing purposes.***

I have been using Country Crock since I was a little kid. It has always been a staple at my home. Of course once I grew I tried other butters but kept coming back to Country Crock. 

There is nothing like the Country Crock's buttery taste, from pancakes to cookies to spreading it across our toast, the ease of the spread and the taste are what my family loves the most. 

I want to thank Influenster for providing me with a coupon for testing purposes with Country Crock

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Back in July last year we moved. We sold our old home and bought a much bigger home. To give you some perspective we went from an 850 sqft to a 2300 sqft home. These are the stock photos from the website but it gives you a little look into our new home:


Isn't it wonderful? I have been in love with this house since we first set foot into it. There is so much more room to play and run and explore. The kids love it and I feel like I can breathe better. I was starting to get very claustrophobic in the other house. This was such a nice change.

Monday, April 11, 2016


About two weeks ago I headed back into the world of SAHM-hood ßI know, I know that was kind of corny right?

But, it is true! My husband and his best friend are taking off on a business venture. They have started up Joint Associates Center for Training.

It has given me the opportunity to stay at home with my babies once again. Now that I have more free time on my hands I am hoping that I can not only get you caught up on our shenanigans from the past year and a half to what we are up to now.

I won’t dump everything all in one post, instead I will leave this short and simple and sign off with a cute picture of Squish and Turtle:

Easter 2016