Friday, March 27, 2015

PCOS Update

This last Monday I went in to get a biopsy done on my uterus. My last ultra sound on my ovaries came back without cysts on it ----> insert HELL YEAH here <---- so now the doctors went in to see if there was possibly any abnormalities.

Yesterday I got my results back and they were NORMAL!!!! Now I just have to follow up with my endocrinologist on the 6th. Right now I am cyst free but I still have to manage all my other symptoms. There is a possibility that they might still remove my uterus because of the horrendous pain I am constantly in during and after my moon cycle.

At first I was not sure how to react to that but now? If they need to remove my uterus, then I will gladly let them. I am not having anymore children and all my uterus does is cause me pain so why keep it? There really isn't a reason too at this point. I will get to keep my ovaries so I won't need hormone therapy (thank gods).

I will definitely keep you all updated as I know more information.

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