Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Samhain this year was a blast! I love being a parent around this time of year. Especially when I get to take my littles out Trick or Treating. Turtle and Squish had a blast! Even though it rained we still managed to hit up a few houses and attend the Trick or Treating festivities at the UpTown Mall. 

Hopefully next year will not be so wet!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

L'OREAL Ultimate Straight Review

***I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All thoughts and opinions are my own.***

So I got this amazing 4 step L'Oreal Paris shampoo and conditioner system thanks to Influenster.

I was a little skeptical about this 4 STEP system at first. I mean come on I am a busy mom after all. But I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick the extra step was. I wasn't too keen on using a pre-conditioner, but now I don't know how I have never used one before! My hair is so much softer thanks to the pre-conditioner.

 Before shower...hair a greasy mess.
And after shower...my hair is so soft and silky right now.

Thank you L'Oreal and Influenster for letting me review this product!

Friday, June 12, 2015


Yesterday was the day that I went into surgery. Everything went really quickly and before I even realized what was happening I was waking up in the recovery room. From the moment I stepped foot into the hospital and sat down in the waiting room to waking up in recovery and then being discharged was a total of 12 hours spent in the hospital.

The nursing staff was amazing and super nice, my doctor was funny and kept things light. Apparently the only issue they had during surgery was that they had to back out and go back in at a different angle to detach my tubes from my ovaries because of the massive scar tissue from my cesarean.

After coming too I was put in my own room to recover. They let me sleep and eventually removed the catheter so I could get up and pee on my own. That was interesting to say the least. I got a headache and became very nauseous. So I ended up staying and sleeping some more - at least until I was able to hold down some food and get up and use the restroom without feeling sick. 

Around midnight I was finally discharged. Getting to go home and sleep in my own bed was such a blessing. Other than being sore today and not really wanting to move around much I am doing okay. Hoping to get out of the house tomorrow since it is Riot's birthday. 

Thank you for all the facebook and instagram messages asking how I was doing! I really appreciated all the love you guys sent my way!.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today is the day. The day that I take a deep breath and walk through those hospital doors and come back out a better version of me.

Today is the day of my hysterectomy. The hope is no more pain, no more periods that leave me in a fetal position in bed. No more telling my kids "mommy hurts to much to play".

When I walk back out of that hospital my hope is that I will finally be pain free enough to be the mother I want to be to my kids. Pain free enough to be able to work out and lose this weight. Pain free enough that I stop being a cranky "B" to my husband.

Through this whole process and all the options I was presented with I knew it would eventually come down to this. The doctors knew too. Four opinions by four different doctors who specialize in women health - plus a few OBGYN's all said take it out.

I have not cried once since being given my surgery date. I have not really had the time to dwell on it either. If I were being 100% honest all I have felt since getting this date is relief. The ONLY thing that scares me is that I have never been put under before. This (besides my cesarean) will be the biggest surgery I have ever had in my life.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter, facebook or even snapchat (barefootedmama) I should have updates on there before and after I get out of surgery.

Friday, March 27, 2015

PCOS Update

This last Monday I went in to get a biopsy done on my uterus. My last ultra sound on my ovaries came back without cysts on it ----> insert HELL YEAH here <---- so now the doctors went in to see if there was possibly any abnormalities.

Yesterday I got my results back and they were NORMAL!!!! Now I just have to follow up with my endocrinologist on the 6th. Right now I am cyst free but I still have to manage all my other symptoms. There is a possibility that they might still remove my uterus because of the horrendous pain I am constantly in during and after my moon cycle.

At first I was not sure how to react to that but now? If they need to remove my uterus, then I will gladly let them. I am not having anymore children and all my uterus does is cause me pain so why keep it? There really isn't a reason too at this point. I will get to keep my ovaries so I won't need hormone therapy (thank gods).

I will definitely keep you all updated as I know more information.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A little UPdate

This last week I have been trying to wrap my head around all the information I received from my new OBGYN about PCOS. Things that upon looking at my chart that I was never informed of; I know that is more than likely because my primary doctor is not a specialist in PCOS.

Since all of my blood work was done shortly after I had Squish and my hormones were still off the charts at that time she re-ordered a battery of blood tests. The results I won’t know until next week. Before I go to that appointment I have an hour long appointment with an Endocrinologist. There they are going to ultra sound my ovaries due to the severity of my cycle they think I may be having cysts again. There is also talk about putting me on an IUD to help lessen the severity of my cramping and how heavy my cycles are.

Real talk – since getting my cycle back every time I start I am usually curled up in a ball on my bed in pain and it is so heavy that I get sick or nauseous the first three days or so. With two littles under three and working full time, I don’t have those three days to feel like that. I usually have to suffer through it and go about my every day like it was a normal day when all I really want to do is bawl my eyes out due to how badly I hurt. But you know “ain’t nobody have time for that”.

So this last week, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I got myself a FitBit. That was for a few reasons; mainly I was curious to see how active I am on a normal day to day setting. This week my plan was to not work out at all. Eat like I normally do, continue doing my yoga (since that is now a normal daily thing I do) and eat like I normally do.  The last three days since I received my FitBit I have been really surprised at how active I am during a normal work day. Today however I was surprised to see how much of that declined on my day off. Except for that was the plan today. No housework, just time with the littles and some much needed cuddle time with Riot. I have not gotten a lot of quality time with that man since starting this swing shift and him starting days – some days I really miss being a stay at home mom, but I love working also. The struggle is real on that one guys.

I also ordered Herbalife on this last paycheck.  I haven’t been one for doing anything fad or quick fix, but at this point I am willing to try something. I am still skeptical because it still feels like a quick fix scheme to me – even though I have real life friends who have had amazing results on Herbalife. I can say that I am skeptically hopeful that this will give my metabolism the boots it needs to quit freaking out on me. That 15/20lbs weight gain in two weeks? Yeah that scared the crap out of me. I literally did nothing out of the ordinary and suddenly I have gained almost 20 extra pounds.  So here it goes, here is me getting serious – cause PCOS can go fuck itself.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Year, New...

New Year, new Blog...so to speak. I am working on a new site and new content. Since starting working again, I have barely had enough time to do anything but work and focus on my family.

Hopefully I will find out soon if I am going to be permanent there or not, so don't mind me if I keep it vague for now on what I am doing work wise.

On a brighter note Squish will be ONE on Sunday. Holy crap where has this year gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that my water broke and I was rushed off to the hospital to have her?

I will leave you with this short post for now as I need to go to bed since I work tomorrow...but not before I post some of Squish's one year photos from her shoot with the amazing Scott Butner LLC.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Come, the Dark has been Released + a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! #amreading #PNR #Kindle

Coula Killed Me
Thanks for stopping by to view this quick announcement on Rebecca Hamilton's latest release, COME, THE DARK, book 2 in the Forever Girl series. Although this book is the second in the series, it is a complete standalone following a completely new set of characters. And you can grab your copy today for only $0.99! Still apprehensive about reading the second book in a series? Well, you can grab the prequel, HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL, off kindle--Always Free--and on January 9th, THE FOREVER GIRL will be free also, for the first time ever! Worried you might forget the date? Join the mailing list using the option on the Rafflecopter below and you'll receive a reminder on January 9th to download your free copy anytime between January 9th and 13th!


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The only way to return to her daughter is by facing certain death to banish the dark spirits that plague Salem. If she doesn’t eliminate these dark spirits in time, they will destroy civilization and trap her in this strange new place, ages away from her daughter.
Even if she can complete the task in time to return home to save her daughter, there’s still one problem: she’s falling in love with a man who can’t return with her. Achieving her goals will force her to choose between the only man who has never betrayed her and a daughter she can’t quite remember but will never forget.
A heart-wrenching tale of a mother’s love for her daughter, this romantic paranormal fantasy underlines the depravity of both historical and modern society while capturing the essence of sacrifice and devotion.
TRIGGER WARNING: This book deals with the sensitive subject of sexual abuse.


by USA Today Bestselling Author, Rebecca Hamilton
Beautiful blonde with dandelionsAt twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Rocky Mountain hometown, a pariah after a string of unsolved murders with only one thing in common: her.
Sophia can imagine lots of ways to improve her life, but she'd settle for just getting rid of the buzzing noise in her head. When the spell she casts goes wrong, the static turns into voices. Her personal demons get company, and the newcomers are dangerous. One of them is a man named Charles, who Sophia falls for despite her better judgment. He has connections that might help her unveil the mystery surrounding her ancestor's hanging, but she gets more than she bargains for when she finally decides to trust him. The Forever Girl is a full-length Paranormal Fantasy novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witches, vampires, ghosts, paranormal mystery, and paranormal horror.
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About the Author

BeccaRebecca Hamilton is a USA Today Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author who also dabbles in Horror and Literary Fiction. She lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She enjoys dancing with her kids to television show theme songs and would love the beach if it weren’t for the sand. Having a child diagnosed with autism has inspired her to illuminate the world through the eyes of characters who see things differently. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA and has been published internationally, in three languages. You can follow her on twitter @InkMuse

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