Monday, June 23, 2014

TLC Vox Box from Influenster

I received these items courtesy of the Influenster network for the TLCVoxBox challenge. I love being an Influenster!

The Neo To Go is amazing! Especially having a rough and tumble little boy. I now have this hanging off my key chain so it's ready when he falls down at the park or at home. We all know how little boys are right?

I enjoyed this coupon so much! I had never gotten gelato before and it totally blew my mind! Since hubby was working late my little man and I enjoyed a little mommy/son date night while sissy slept. There was yummy gelato and popcorn to eat and the new Tinker Bell movie to watch before bed time for him and me.

Allergies are going crazy in my house right now. Both the kids and the hubs had had runny noses and been sneezing their heads off. Puffs came to the rescue with their tissues! I even went out and got a bigger box for the sniffles going on around here.

Who doesn't love saving money at the pump? $0.03 cents off at the pump, I am down for that. If you want to sign up for your own please use my referral code here to sign up!

Kai and I had a blast blowing up Ivory Soap in the microwave and seeing the soap cloud it made. I even re-purposed the cloud of soap  and made little soaps with cookie cutters in fun shapes for Kai to use in the bath tub.

I am starting to get laugh lines around my eyes so this was a nice surprise to find in my TLCVoxBox from Avon. Totally filled out those laugh lines of mine. See what I mean?

Thanks Influenster, Shell, NeoToGo, Breyers, Avon and Ivory for making my TLCVoxBox awesome!