Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blogger Silence Over

I have been kind of silent around here the last month. Not on purpose this month has been playing on fast forward and I still have another week before things start slowing down. Just as I decided that I wanted to pick up doing photography again so I offered a few select friends a few photo shoots just to get me picking up my camera again and build up my portfolio.

My Dad married a wonderful woman.

My baby sister had her baby.

My nephew turned 6!

My friend had her baby girl.


We went camping.

Celebrated Easter.

I spent 72 hours in the hospital as my friend delivered her little boy.

I missed spending my sons second birthday with him. Which left me with some heavy mom guilt but I know that as I take this journey down the doula path I will probably miss other milestones as babies don't wait. They come when they come.

Briona turned 3 months old too.

I went to Port Angeles to throw my bestie her bachlorette party.

As you can see a very fun and busy month was had. This girl is tired and my brain is fried, but my blogging silence is over. I will be talking more about all these topics this month cause there are some amazing stories behind them. Along with how I am dealing with postpartum and becoming a mom of two.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Influenster Rimmel Lipstick Review

I got the chance to participate in the Influensters new VoxBox with Rimmel. They gave me their new lipstick to try out - As You Want Victoria. Below are some pictures I have taken wearing it. Now normally I am not a bright lipstick kind of gal, but I absolutly love this lipstick! It is bright, fun, and sassy. It also lasts forever! 

The weekend I got to try it on for the first time was my Dad's wedding. I seriously only had to do one touchup to my lips the whole day. That was with eating and drinking and everything els. I also wore it to my neighbors cocktail party. I think this is definatly my new favorite color!

You can also check out my youtube review here.