Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello Blog! Big Updates with lots of Pictures!

Whew! The last few months have seriously been nonstop GO, GO, GO! Figuring out how to switch my domain name from Google to GoDaddy turned into a huge mess. Again I apologize to anyone who was trying to access my blog and was redirected to the porn site. Once I figured out what happened it only took about 5 hours to fix the error and get my blog back. Hopefully I never have to go through that again.

On a more positive note: Kaileb is growing and learning right on track. He is in the 95th percentile for his height, 75thfor weight and 99th percentile for head circumference.  He is constantly amazing me with how smart he is. He babbles all the time and is starting to actually make sense. He shows you what he wants, although he does get frustrated with mommy when she can’t figure it out. He is very animated and always on the move.

at his 18 month check up

This last week of pregnancy has been really hard on him. I am on pelvic rest and have been told to take it easy, so we have not been getting out of the house much. In fact mommy has not been able to get off the couch much due to swollen feet, a strained muscle in my tummy, and being beyond tired because I have reached that point in pregnancy where you don’t really sleep at all anymore. So our days have been filled with him bringing me toys to play with, lots of Bo on the Go and The Lorax to keep us occupied.

snuggle time with mom and sissy

he loves to sit behind me on the couch

tired baby snuggles, nothing better right?

36 weeks!

Speaking of my pregnancy with baby girl, everything seems to be going just fine. I am 36 weeks plus 4 days along now. She is in the posterior position at the moment, but I have been working with my chiropractor to get her to switch back around. She is head down but still high. She hasn’t engaged into my pelvis yet (which makes me hopeful that she will stay put for a while longer). I just got my test results back from having my Group B Strep test done and I am happy to say that it was negative this time around! Here is a comparison of my 36 week belly with Kaileb vs Briona - what a difference it is:

top: Kaileb -- Bottom: Briona

 With all that going on I still managed to find time to have my baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my Birthday Blessing way with some amazing family and friends. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the holidays:

baby shower

baby shower cupcakes

my little sister and I

Thanksgiving prep

Thanksgiving prep

Turkey is done!

my baby sister and I

being his usual goofy self

sneak peek at my maternity shoot.

family xmas pictures

he loves his daddy

his new cheese face 

pictures with santa


he thought they were the coolest ever

grandma's fudge

first snow fall - it didn't last long.

my attempt at pinterest nails

opening presents

my niece loved her blanket I made for her.

Because boxes are better than all the presents he got.

snuggle time with grandma

Birthday date night with my handsome hubby.
blessingway belly henna

he wasn't feeling too good, so glad he is back to himself now.

he loves his sissy.

Artemis (birthday present from my bestie)

An awesome friend had this made for me.
Turtle = Kaileb
Owl = Briona
Heart = my angel baby


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