Thursday, January 16, 2014

At This Point...

At this point in my pregnancy with Kai my water had broke and I started my 24 hour labor journey into motherhood.  This morning I woke up wondering if Bri would want to make her debut at this time too. So far she seems to be very content in my belly poking her little butt out to the right of my belly button.

If she is content in there then so am I. I am not ready to have her yet and hopefully she senses that. 36 weeks and 4 days is too soon for me. Provided the next 3 days go smoothly and Monday rolls around I will be home birth safe. I will be able to birth in the comfort of my own home surround by those I love along with my midwife and dula.

After my hospital experience with the horrible on calldoctor I had with Kai I am looking forward to a peaceful home birth experience. Don’t get me wrong, no matter what happens the important thing is that she comes safely and is a healthy baby. I learned from experience with Kai that not everything goes as planned. I have learned to be flexible with whatever the plan is for her arrival. I know that even though I may want that peaceful home birth that something can still happen that I may end up in the hospital. The only thing I know I can control from that point on is the doctor who delivers her.

And that will NOT be the same doctor who delivered Kai. I refuse to be disrespected again because my original plan was a home birth. With that being said my birthing plan is basically this:

  • To have a peaceful home birth.
  • Minimal checks.
  • As hands off as my midwife and I feel comfortable with.
  • Delayed cord clamping (after the placenta is delivered).
  • Immediate skin to skin.

That’s it. That’s what I would really like to see happen, the rest is in the goddesses hands as to how she decides to come into this world.

Photography By: Picture Me Sweet (do not copy)

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