Friday, October 11, 2013

My Blonde Moment...

I am usually really good at remembering things. Except for the day I stopped working. I was beyond distracted with having high blood pressure, my midwife coming for a home visit to check me out and then the both of us deciding it was for the best for me to stop working. I was stressing out because I hadn't planned on going on maternity leave until the last day of December and here it is just barely October.

I had some errands to run, one of those errands was to drop off my leave of work note and the store keys. No big deal. My friend Lacie came over with her daughter and we packed the kids up to go run our errands. First stop: The Food Mart.

My boss was really cool about it all. Was even worried and told me that if I ever needed anything just to let him know. I had Lacie's daughter in the store with me - after we handed the note and keys back- we got some bug juices and waters. I took her back out to my car and handed Lacie everything while I got her daughter in the car seat.

At least I thought I handed her everything.

Apparently I handed her the drinks and set my wallet on top of my car while I was getting her daughter back into her car seat. And that is where it stayed as I got back in the car so we could finish our errands.

3 hours later we stopped to get something to eat. I reached into my purse and my wallet wasn't there. I went out to my car and tore it apart. Called my work and asked them if I left it on the counter, but of course I didn't. So we fed the kids and started back tracking.

5 hours later I had finally given up hope and decided to call the cops and report it lost before I started the process of canceling all my cards and bank account.

Before I did that I told Lacie I wanted to back track one more time. I just had a feeling we would find it. So we went back to my work for a third time. This time we practically ran over it in the middle of the street!

I was beyond ecstatic that we found my wallet. By this time though it had been run over for at least 6 hours. I grabbed it up and noticed not everything was in it, but there was some stuff in the road. 

I probably looked like the crazy pregnant lady picking up trash in the middle of a busy intersection - except for it was pieces from my wallet. The only thing I was not able to retrieve was one debit card.

Considering everything I had in my wallet I call that a win. Although the real kicker wasn't till the next day.

Kai and I went to Target to replace my now trashed wallet. I found a really cute one too! When we got up to the cashier to pay for it I made what I thought would be a joke only I would get, except that it turned out that the cashier remembered me from the night before. He was one of the cars I had stopped while I was picking up my wallet and cards from the middle of the road. 

Talk about a small world.

RIP Marilyn Monroe Wallet...It was a good 7 years together. Hello pretty teal and polka-dot wallet!


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