Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thoughts on Infertility

As you remember in this post here, I talked about my "emotional roller coaster  after seeing my team of doctors and finally being diagnosed with PCOS. If you read the following post about the signs and symptoms of PCOS you might have noticed INFERTILITY being one of them. 

With Matt and I trying to conceive again this is one of my biggest fears. It is seriously mind numbing. Especially after having a kid already. 

To think that your body is fine and will work properly for the next time you decide having a kid is a great idea. Then to have that pretty much ripped out from under you is seriously a hard pill to swallow. I feel robbed and cheated of something that is supposed to be your womanly rights. 

Our bodies were made to bare children so how come mine is betraying me? The thought of being infertile after being able to have one amazing little boy already leave me numb to my core. As grateful as I am that I got to experience the amazing thing we call birth, not being able to do it again scares me more than I am comfortable to say.

These are my jumbled thoughts on infertility. I pray that I am blessed with one more child. I do not want PCOS to take that away from me. 

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