Monday, May 6, 2013

Provera Update

After taking the Provera to get my body uterus working again I noticed a few things:

1. I was supposed to start at day 10, instead I started on day 15.
2. I really do not like bloating and cramping. I mean seriously who likes feeling like you took a sucker punch in the uterus? 
3. I got super stressed out and cranky.

There you have it the top 3 things I noticed while taking Provera. Number 3, being stressed out was mainly because of number 1. My body sure does love doing it's own thing. 

I do not think I will be taking the Provera again. Instead I talked to my midwife and she gave me some useful tools to talk to my doctors about and also suggested some vitamins that I could take to help my system regulate itself.

I started Clomid on Saturday. The short version of Clomid is that it helps your body realize it should ovulate.

I will update on that when I am done taking it. In the meantime send some good baby mojo our way.

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