Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update on Kai's Health

I sit here staring at my son while he plays with his toys. My heart swells so much because he is finally feeling better. Last week was hell. I hope to never ever see my baby that sick again.

 As some of you know I had to take Kai back to the hospital. After 48 hours he was still really sick and pretty much peeing from his poor tushy every 20 minutes. I called his Pediatrician and she suggested I take him to Physicians Immediate Care. 

Physicians Immediate Care told me he was dehydrated and needed an IV and sent me to the hospital. We got to the hospital and they tried to force feed him Pedialyte which he took one swig of and immediately started fighting me and the nurse because he didn’t want it. We tried formula and he didn’t want that either.

It was the same problem at home. Refusing the bottle and refusing to eat. And peeing out of his butt every 20 minutes (I know I’m being redundant here).

The ER Nurse told me that they would only do an IV as a last resort and because he was not that lethargic and still had some fight in him that they were sending us home. At that point being the scared first time mommy I blew up on the Nurse. After all I had been sent here and told my son needed an IV and for them to do nothing? Except to try to force feed him Pedialyte and write a prescription of Imodium…

How is that helping my child who is obviously really sick? What am I paying them for? After it is not like I can afford TWO ER trips only days apart, for them to do NOTHING??? I could have done all that at home without ever setting foot in the hospital.

I was pissed.

Granted the Imodium helped and pretty much stopped his diarrhea in its tracks and the next day he was more like my little boy again. I realize liability and all that other bull shit, but seriously? Sending my son home like that really just pissed me off. Especially when I was told one thing and then the hospital did something completely different. Ah! End of rant.

I am just happy that I have my happy little baby boy back.

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