Friday, February 22, 2013

Worst Night Ever

Last night we spent the night in the ER.

Last night was probably the worst night I have every had to deal with since becoming a mommy. 

Kai was fine all day long. We went to visit a friend and he played with her daughter while we talked and laughed. She put her daughter to bed and I stayed and let Kai play a little bit longer as it was a little to early for him to go to bed. That and I had hoped that he would fall asleep in the car on the ride home so I could get him out and transfer him to bed right away.

Obviously that is not what happened. Throughout the day he drank and ate like normal, except he had 4 dirty diapers - each one getting a little more runny. I honestly didn't think anything of it as he has been teething and that seems to be the norm for him. 

As I was getting him ready to go he coughed and spit up a little bit - again normal. Then he looked at me and  threw up all over me and him. Drenching us both. I got us undressed (my sweater and him stripped down to his diaper) and checked his temp just to make sure. It was 97 degrees. My friend went to find a pair of pj's  that he could fit into of her daughters. When she found them and came back to help me load him in the car (I had left some stuff there the night before) he started throwing up again. This time more chunky. So we cleaned him and I back up and took his temp again. This time it was 98 degrees. 

I got him dressed and as I was leaving he threw up again. So we checked his temperature one more time. it was 96 degrees. I managed to not get any of it on us. 

This is where it gets scary.

I turn him around and start to wipe his face when he looks at me, sighs, and then passes out. I looked at my friend and we get him in the car. I decide it is time to get him to the hospital. Mind you this all happened in a 10 minute time frame.

On the way there I start calling my husband and he is not answering. My friend calls me to tell me she called the ER and let them know I was 20 minutes out (she lives in the boonies). I ask her to keep trying my husband so I can drive.

I am trying so hard not to speed even though I am scared and Kai hasn't woken up yet. So I call my neighbor and woke her up to see if Matt's jeep is parked in our drive way and if it is if she could let him know whats going on and to meet me at the hospital.

5 minutes later he calls me and I tell him what happened and to grab extra pj's and a sweater for me. As I was in only a tank top. It was kind of cold out. The entire drive there I did between 5 and 10 miles over the speed limit. I felt like I was going soooo slow. The cops in that part of town would waste time and give me a ticket then escort me to the hospital.  It would have been precious time wasted.

I pull into the hospital just as my hubby did. Got Kai out and ran into the ER where he finally came to just to throw up again.

He is still not running a temperature, but he is lethargic and not at all like himself. 

They take us to a room immediately instead of checking us in. They check him out and give him some zolfran (which he threw up 5 minutes later). I held him as he slept. 

Eventually they decided that it was just a general viral infection and we could go home. So we went home where he slept all night long. I kept checking on him and got barely any sleep.

Thankfully I have an amazing husband who took over this morning and let me sleep a few hours.

Kai has taken a lot of naps today and definitely has the runs. Which means diaper rash from hell is here also. He is on a liquid diet (his choice). Although he did steal my ritz cracker tonight before he went to bed. We are on the mend.

Hopefully we do not have another night like this again.


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