Monday, November 26, 2012


I feel like I should apologize for my blogging hiatus....

but honestly....

I am enjoying it.

I am spending time with my family and playing with my son. 

And if I was really being honest I am waiting 3 more days....

Cause in the next 3 days my poll over on the side there will be done and I will officially be making the jump to my new blog name.

Out of all the different names I came up with that fit who I have become as a wife and mother those 4 made the chopping block and I just couldn't decide. So I went to you, my fabulous readers and am asking you to vote for the best one out of the 4. 

So if you could spare a quick click and help a girl decide on her new blog name I would love you forever.

Oh and because no blog post is complete without this handsome little face:

Here is a "blooper" from our family session last week. I just love this kid more than life itself.

oh so many ways to follow along

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