Monday, September 10, 2012

Vacation Story Part 3

Finally on our way home after 3 very crazy busy days filled with awesome friends, family and adventures I am sure we are going to be laughing about years to come.

On the way home we thankfully did not have to use the heater to keep my car cool enough for the 3 hour drive. Small blessings.

We did however get back to the Tri-Cities and instead of going home we went to the nearest Hertz Car Sales to get a reliable family car.

Good by red sports car:

Hello family car:

So far I am really like all the extra room I have and the fact that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fill her up. Only down fall is I am used to having a car with some balls. This car so does not have any. Going to have to get used to that. In the long run I am going to miss my spots car I know it is going to be easier to travel with my growing family to and from places. And I won't have to worry about breaking down in again (quick someone knock on wood!).

The rest of our vacation was a lot more low key. 

Matt and I had a day to ourselves. So we lounged on the couch watched some Netflix and played with Kaileb all day long.

The next day was the family reunion at the Prosser Park. I am kicking myself for only snapping one picture out of the whole day -- I was to busy having fun. We ate lots of food, wondered the carnival, caught up with family, and watched a talent show.

The next day my Dad and sisters came up for lunch and school clothes shopping for my youngest sister. I also got to see my nephews and capture this cute photo below of Matt, Kaileb and John:

Wouldn't he make such a good Dad of two? 

Thoughts on that is for another post entirely.

As you can see, we have been really busy. It took me three whole posts to write about my vacation. I have never done that before! Phew. I can check that off the bucket list.

And you know what was the perfect end to this vacation? This little man leaning how to scoot/barrel crawl off the play mat and towards me:

Time to start baby proofing my house!

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