Friday, September 7, 2012

Vacation Story Part 2

Part One.

I left off yesterday with the tow truck coming to tow us.
Thanks to a traffic accident and a football game it took the guy almost 2 hours to get to us.
The hotel was being so understanding especially since we were in a 3 minute loading zone. Only thing we could tell them was a tow was on the way so they would not call for a tow on us. 
Two cars across the street from us broke down also. AAA got there and left with both of them before our tow got there (one broke down half an hour after us and the other an hour after us).
FINALLY the tow guy shows up. He almost hits a car, takes out a light post and speeds down the street the wrong way (the street is a one way) to where we are. Tells me I need to turn my car around because it is a rear-wheel drive (it's a front-wheel drive). He finally believes me about it being a front-wheel drive after he hooks it up the way he wants to and my car won't move. So we get out unhook it and turn it back around. 
He takes us to the nearest mechanic (which is now closed due to how long it took him to get to us) and left us there with my car. 
By this time Manda and I are starving (we were supposed to have dinner done and eating by now). The boys still had not shown up. Can't blame them though because Orrin was still working and couldn't get away. Thankfully during all of this Matt had baby boy. I don't know what I would have done if I had been stranded in down town Seattle with my 4 month old.
Thank goodness for iPhone apps. We were able to find a Taco Del Mar that was close by (I would have eaten anywhere by this time).

Not the dinner we had planned on but it works when you are starving!

As we sit down to eat the boys finally show up. So we get what is left of our food and head back to the car. They check it over and determine that it is fine to drive as long as we have the heater on full blast. 

So off we go back to their home to fall in bed. Thankfully all the fruits and veggies were still good and Amanda and Orrin got to enjoy them a few days after we left.

When we got up the next morning we dared to venture to Marysville where we spent the day with my Uncles and Grandma on my moms side. She was tickled pink to be able to meet her great grandson and Kaileb just got a kick out of her too!

After the visit we had dinner in the city with my other Uncle. Seattle peeps might know of him. He manages the Seattle City Market and does all those funny cartoon signs outside the market:

After dinner we headed back for one last night with Amanda and Orrin. We got to sleep in that morning before our trek back home.

Come back Monday for the rest of the story...

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