Saturday, September 15, 2012

sick babies are no fun

I think the title speaks for itself. 

Kaileb has been sick for 4 days. I was at work when he first came down with it.

Matt was taking care of him. Poor little man ran a low grade fever, with night sweats where he soaked through this onesie and the bed. I could literally wring his little pajama's out and get actual water (sweat) out of them.

Finally I decided that maybe I should take him to urgent care after talking to my midwife and an on call nurse.

They didn't do anything more than I did at home already. They checked his temp, prescribed me baby tylenol, little noses nose drops, and lots of mommy cuddles.

He is finally doing better. Still has a stuffy nose but at least he is playing and smiling again.

That's all that really matters right?


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