Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teething Sucks [help?]

You guys! I am so tired. I expected teething to suck. I expected to not get very much sleep. But this sucks. My poor baby has been teething - I'm talking drooling buckets, snot nose, screaming teething for over a month now.
There are days I feel his little teefers coming through and then  the next day they disappear! It is so frustrating. It reminds me of my labor with him where he played peek-a-boo for six hours. Except this is worse. This has been happening for over a month.
Daddy and I are so tired.
We've tried everything: teething tablets, ora-gel,  bath time, swaddling (that so does not fly anymore), rocking, binkie, I missing something?  Why is this precious mostly happy little boy go into bouts of screaming for hours on end? Why will he not let daddy or I sleep until after 4am (sometimes 6am)?

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