Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fat Butt Friday on Saturday

So the last few days I have been super busy. I worked Thursday from 9am-9pm and then went to the gym from 10pm-midnight.

Don't worry baby boy was spending some much needed time with daddy.

I didn't do to well this week. Trying to get so many things done and ended up eating badly the last few days and not consuming enough water.

I ended up gaining a pound. 

While this bums me out, it just proves to me that even though I am tired and exhausted that I still need to get up and go for at least a walk. Even if I know halfway through it little mister is going to get really cranky.

Baby boy, Jinxie and I went on a walk once this week. The rest of the week I was so exhausted because Kai would not sleep before 4am in the morning.

Before I get comments telling me to let him cry it out I want to say that at 3 months old I do not feel he should be left to cry it out.

Yes he does cry sometimes while I finish eating or am going to the bathroom but usually within 10 minutes of this he is in my arms and I am calming him down. 

As a first time mom, I appreciate advice from you seasoned mom's but I am going to do what feels right to me.

Those late nights ended up with me having a few mocha's in the wee hours of the morning [only on the days I went to work though].

Not the best breakfast, but it worked. [pst. did you notice I permed my hair?]

The last two days were a lot better though. I went to the gym last night with my friend Amanda. We did a couple of miles on the elliptical. Worked our arms and legs and then ended in the pool for an hour.

That was Thursday.

Last night [Friday] Kai and I joined Destiny from Rockin' Mama on a nice 2.5 mile walk with her 4 littles.

It was awesome to finally be able to hang out with this gal. She is a hoot and a half and her 4 littles were just too cute! Probably some of the most well behaved kids I have been around in a long time. It was very refreshing to be able to hang out with such an awesome mama and see her cute little family.

If you don't know who she is check out her blog here.

Anyway, this post is kind of random and all over the place.

To get down to the bare bones of it...

I screwed up this week.

Time to get serious next week. No more excuses.

Don't forget to go check out Joni from Six Cherries On Top for her Fat Butt Friday post. It has been awesome chatting with her on kik [@ CapturingMagic] and encouraging each other to work out, drink water, and do better.


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