Sunday, July 29, 2012

20 Random Things

  1. My favorite color used to be red and I stubbornly kept it that way for years. Why? Because when I was 5 or 6 years old I was told that red could only be a boy’s favorite color and I couldn’t have it as my favorite color.
  2. I come across as shy...then you get to know me.
  3. I will run screaming out of any room/house if I see a spider. Usually I am yelling "Kill It!" while I do this.
  4. I have a weird obsession with turtles. My son's room is completely decked out in them.
  5. I will have a panic attack if you touch my feet unexpectedly. 
  6. I was raised by my Grandma and my Dad.
  7. I had a really rough childhood and over came a lot to be where I am at today.
  8. I love road trips.
  9. I swear I have the worlds longest torso. Seriously most shirts (even tall/long shirts) are to short on me.
  10. I'm 5'5"
  11. I have a thing for red heads--er, well more like I am totally jealous and wish I was a natural red head.
  12. I am a total book worm.
  13. I have to sleep in the dark in dead silence or I can not fall asleep. Once asleep I am dead to the world.
  14. I'm a total jeans and tank top girl.
  15. Unless I am working out or it is winter you will most likely find me barefoot or in flip flops.
  16. I have a sailors mouth.
  17. When I was pregnant with Kaileb I craved sushi. I had never had it before and had to wait to try it until I had him. Now I can't get enough.
  18. I loathe doing laundry. Most of the time my husbands does it, then has to hear me complain cause he washed something that was supposed to get done by hand.
  19. I have watched every episode of Charmed more times than I can count. Seriously can not stop watching that show.
  20. I am a Pagan High-priestess and have been practicing since 1999.


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