Thursday, June 7, 2012

Play Time

I had to hop on here and share this video of my awesome hubby playing with Kaileb.
Of course my puppy had to join in. I think she thought Matt was hurting him at first, then she figured out his was playing and had to join the fun.

We were doing this literally all day today because Kaileb has decided that he does not want to sleep at night anymore. He wakes up at 1am and does not let me put him down until 7am. So here is hoping that we kept him up long enough and his schedule will get turned around soon!

On a side note:
Matt let me take a nap this afternoon and I slept almost 6 hours! I woke up at 4pm.
It is now a little after 2am. 
I think mommy is in need of getting her schedule turned around too!

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