Monday, June 11, 2012

My week in Instagram Photos

It has been forever since I have linked up with Amy for my week in Cell Phone Pics. Boy have I missed this. I don't even know why I stopped doing this in the first place.

Here you go: My week in Instagram Pics.

Finally feeling up to putting on some makeup (6 weeks Postpartum)

Mommy's sleepy guy (6/3)

Finally asleep at 5am (6/4)

The only way he was content. It kept my hands free and my lil man got his mommy snuggles. (6/5)

Nap time! We are slowly introducing the crib. My chunkamonk is quickly out growing his bassinet's.  (6/5)

Little Mister had a play date with his future wifey. (6/6)

Mommy's thinker. (6/7)

Hubby was home so Mommy went out with one of her gal pals and got coffee and a manicure. (6/8)

Welcome to the TriCities, where it can rain and still be sunny at the same time. (6/8)


Lucky Duck (6/10)

I do believe I have my new favorite nail polish color. (6/10)

Linking up with Amy for my week in instagram photos!
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