Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

So far so good, here is Day number 2. Although I willdisclose now that I will not be posting on Saturday or Sunday (unless I feellike it, but I usually reserve those days for spending time with Family andFriends). This weekend is Cool Desert Nights and the Renaissance Fair here inTri Cities.

That’s old school and new school cars (basically orgasmson wheels), partying, and medieval festivities happening all weekend long. Mybestie Sara is coming up with my niece and her niece and nephews. We are goingto be camping out in the back yard, roasting marshmallows for smores andcooking hot dogs. We plan on taking the kiddos down to Cool Desert Nights andthen going to the Ren Fair. I need to remember to bring my camera so that I canget something other than phone photos.

Until then here is Day 2: 10 likes/dislikes

1.      Reading
2.      Wine
3.      Road trips (I am a gypsy at heart)
4.      Thunder storms
5.      Baby wearing
6.      Photography
7.      My husband
8.      Turtles
9.      Art
10.  Crocheting/knitting

10 Dislikes
1.      Liars
2.      Cheats
3.      My weight (doing something about that)
4.      That I have no time to clean my home
5.      Being too tired to shower every single day (lifeof a mom with a newborn I guess)
6.      Ants (greatly dislike these suckers)
7.      Spiders (more like I will run away screaming ifI see one)
8.      Beer (seriously tastes like goat piss, give mewine or wine coolers any day)
9.      When people mispronounce my name
10.  Not knowing what is going on with my health

*I will be doing a post later on about my health andweight. 

Ps. Can you tell this was a scheduled post?

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