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Magickal Monday: Living In Sync With the Elements

We had group yesterday. I am going to share the lesson that one of my group members wrote, because I think it has some really good points. 

She added some homework for us to do at the end of it. I am going to leave that part in because I would love to see if anyone does it. If you do please come back here and share your experiences with it. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and anything you may have learned by doing the exercise at the end.
Living In Sync With the Elements
written by: Jaguar Sun
April 2012

            As Wiccans (or Pagans practicing in a Wicca-like fashion), we are aware that we call upon the Elements as we create our sacred Circles. Have you considered what the Elementals may have to do with your life outside of the Circle? You might not even think about them at all.
            The Elements are a part of our daily living. Not all Pagans feel called to acknowledge them, but I do think it is important to be aware that they are there. That is what this lesson is about. We are made easily aware of the earthly aspects of the Elements, but understanding the spiritual aspects takes a little more digging and a little more thought.

            Rocks. Sand. Dirt. These are all examples of Earth. Easily seen, felt, smelled, and tasted. How do you use Earth during your daily life? Earth is an Element associated with the physical. Every time you touch someone, someone you care for in particular, you are syncing with Earth. Cooking or baking. Money is also associated with Earth as are material goods. We all wear clothes and we all require money to survive in our society. Gardening, lawn care, hunting, and fishing are also ways in which we can connect with Earth.
            Birth is also associated with Earth, but it is not exactly something we all experience on a daily basis. Just wanted to let you know I was not neglecting that aspect.

            Air is something we can’t usually see except as dust devils or tornados. It is an Element associated with smell. We use incense in Circle as a way of visibly seeing Air as well as smelling it. However, Air is more complex than just smelling things. It is also the Element of thought. Whenever you use your imagination or learn something new, you are connecting with the essence of Air. Meditation, prayer, and sending out energy are also ways to sync with Air.
            To feel a truly powerful connection, stand in the wind and let it whip around you. Close your eyes and meditate on the feeling for just a moment.

            We sometimes only associate Fire with destruction. While this can be true, new life and fertility can come from an area that has been burned. Fire is more than only heat and flames. It is an Element associated with sight. The colors of a fire are also the colors we associate with vitality and energy. Fire offers purpose to a Circle, helping to cement whatever spellwork is being done. We use Fire in sports (watching and participating), protesting, and in the physical act of sex. Arguing points in a discussion, defending another person, fighting, and gameplay could also be associated with Fire.
            Scrying with Fire has been a great connection device for me. I have had a lot of trouble with Fire in the past (matches would not light for me, grills would not start, etc.) and we are now on pretty good terms. Just meditate on a candle flame. Let it take over your entire vision and allow the images to come to you. This is also a pretty nice relaxation tool.

            Changeable, touchable, yet difficult to hold, Water is a little bit mysterious. It is associated with taste and emotions. Our own emotions tend to change during the day. We can go from happy to angry to hurt to happy again in a span of mere hours. The emotional aspect of sex and loving a person are connections with Water. Intuition is characteristic of Water. Throughout the day, many of us will use our intuition as we make decisions. As for the taste part: take time to enjoy your meal. Don’t just eat it – that is only using the Earth aspect of food. Savor it. Or hate it.
            A simple Water meditation is to enjoy a bath. Really. Just relax and sink into the water. Let it start to talk to you.

            The unknown, the void, the everything. Spirit can be scary. It is what makes us all individual. It is associated with hearing. I believe we should practice listening to what people say to us. We should listen to ourselves. We should listen to what our own subconscious really wants us to hear. It is through our Spirit that we are able to transcend to the next level of consciousness or learning. We use Spirit ALL the time and cannot explain how. Spirit will not be included in the homework, but it is an important Element that is often overlooked and I felt it needed to be addressed.

View Your World Differently
            Go out and see how much you really need every one of the Elements. You will use every single one of them during the course of your day. You are to write down the events of a single day and how you connected with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water during your day. You can include using the earthly aspects as well as the spiritual (taking a shower = water, and so on). Use the Elemental Correspondences from the last lesson as a guide.

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