Saturday, April 7, 2012

34 Week Bump Update

Can it really be? 34 weeks is here already?

That means there is only 6 weeks left until my due date.

6 weeks left.

If the next 6 weeks go as fast as this pregnancy has, my little man will be here in the blink of an eye.

In the last few weeks, I have been asked so many times if I am sure I am not having two babies. (this actually started at the 6 month mark for me, but it has gotten asked more and more in the past two weeks). Even my family looks at me and says how huge my belly is. I guess the pictures I have taken do not do the bump justice as seeing me in real life does.

So far everyone insists that I am all belly. Which I guess I can see and most days that is how I feel, but some days I just feel like a freaking house! I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way either.

Not to much has changed other than I am suddenly craving cinnamon sugar toast like crazy. Chocolate milk is still my best friend.

This ever growing kiddo of mine (who is about the size of a cantaloupe now) loves doing what I call the "stretch, drop and roll".

He literally stretches out as far as he can go from my cervix to my rib cage then drops to the bottom of my uterus rolls over and does it again. I get a kick out of him doing this but man does it ever hurt! Lil man does not realize that there really isn't anymore room in there for him to keep doing that.

Well, I guess there is, except for the fact that it hurts me when he does it.

**on a side note**
This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I was not finished writing it all out. And I was still unsure if I wanted to post the picture of my husband and I...especially since I was really bloated that day and had absolutely no make up on. Oh well, embrace the camera right?

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Kaileb was doing his "stretch, drop and roll" maneuver until about 5am. Then when he stopped and I thought I could sleep, I was up every 30 minutes running to the bathroom until about noon when Matt got up to get ready for work. I opted to sleep on the couch so he could rest since he has to work 12hr days.

After he got up though I moved to the bed where I was finally able to fall asleep for about 2.5hrs before the entire neighborhood's dogs went berserk barking at the mail man (which is a daily thing). I usually don't care but between being 8 1/2 months pregnant and sleep deprived, I was seriously thinking about getting my husbands AR15 and shooting every dog in the neighborhood, including my own sweet bundle of puppy.

Instead I just gave up on sleeping and got in the shower and got ready for the rest of my day, which really amounted to doing nothing.

Although the text message my husband received about me going on a murderous rampage on all the puppies in the neighborhood, pregnant and wielding his AR15, apparently made his day.

At least I was able to make someone smile yesterday even if I was a pissed off grouchy pregnant lady.

On that note, enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter everyone!

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