Thursday, April 5, 2012

32 & 33 Bump Update

Two weeks ago I was running around packing to get to Yakima. I had so much going on that weekend it was not even funny. I did manage to snap this 32 week picture of my belly though.

32 weeks
What kept me so busy? I had my Dad's 62nd birthday to attend to on Thursday (which is the day I decided to go down on). My sisters and I celebrated it by taking to The Toppenish Eagles (it is a bar that I practically grew up in, so no awkwardness going there 8 months pregnant). We ate pizza and proceeded to get my Dad absolutely hammered.

Friday morning I spent it with my bestie Heather. We were supposed to do her maternity pictures but her lil one was not cooperating and kept giving her some pretty bad braxton hicks. At one point we both thought I would have to take her to the hospital cause they got pretty bad. Thankfully that never happened. So I hung around until her Hubby got home, ate dinner with them and then headed to Yakima.

There I spent a fun laughter filled night with at few of my other besties before heading to bed. Even if Jen's dog Sugar and way to many blankets eventually drove me to their couch. I don't know about Jen but I think Sugar was happy I gave her back her side of the bed.

The next morning I was up and out the door to do an Engagement session for some really awesome friends of mine. Aren't they cute:

After that I had about an hour to kill before I went to my nephews 4th birthday party. By that time I was to exhausted to bring my camera with me and chase toddlers and little kids around Sarge Hubbard Park, so I left it at Jen's house so I wouldn't be tempted.

Unfortunately I ended up eating something bad at the party that made me really sick. Thankfully Jen and Michelle are both nurses so they kept a good eye on me. Then Stephanie made me a make shift  saline drink to keep me hydrated better. By 3am I called my midwife and begged her to let me take some pepto. Even though it didn't work on what I wanted it to, I found out that it really helped my heartburn.

Who would of thought that would be what helped my heartburn? 

I felt better the next morning so I ventured home after spending half the day visiting with my Dad and his awesome Girlfriend again. Although I should have just went straight home since I had to drive an hour back to Tri-Cities. Oh well, it was worth spending some extra time with my Dad.

Last week I was super busy/tired/ name it I was probably it at some point during the week. I even ended up canceling my chiro appointment after a really restless night where I woke up feeling yucky. I blame this on whatever food I ate at my nephews bday party to why I felt so off this last week.

By the time I actually fell into a nice good sleep it would be around 11ish and I would be out cold till 6pm! This lasted for three days. Before I started to feel anywhere near like myself again.

I managed to drag myself out of bed on my husbands days off around 3pm. I was obviously grumpy and not myself. Poor Matt had to take the blunt end of my grouchiness. I almost didn't even take a picture on Thursday on my 33 week pregnant belly (which would have been a first).
33 weeks

Obviously I am feeling much better this week. Can you tell? I've actually been blogging pretty much everyday this week.

Check back tomorrow for my 34 week bump update!
PS. does it look like I have dropped?

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