Monday, March 19, 2012

The Next 3 Days

Are going to be very hit and miss for me on here.

It is finals week!

No Magickal Monday today (sorry).

My dreaded math final is on Wednesday. I honestly dislike math with a passion. Well at least the math that I am being forced to take at the college.

I do not see why I have to take it when the degree I trying to get will never ever use college level algebra.

Sorry for the mini rant. I have a few posts in the works that I may or may not get up until Wednesday night. So bare with me one more week.

Things have just been so hectic lately and moving at such a fast pace that I have put this little blog of mine on that back burner.

Hopefully after finals are over with I wont be so hit and miss on here....

At least until the baby arrives than of course I will be taking a few breaks here and there.

First time mama and all.

Happy Monday!

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