Monday, March 12, 2012

Magickal Mondays: Reiki Healing

I found this not to long ago and wanted to share this with you. It is written by author: Ariana Athena Firedragon 

Reiki Principle
Just for today, I will not be angry.
“Just for today” is what all Reiki Principles begin with, one day. One day at a time, this makes each principle an achievable goal. You need not worry about tomorrow or yesterday. The only concern is releasing anger today.

Anger is experienced by most people, some more than others. It is when anger has no outlet it changes into resentment that weights on us daily. This transition has the ability to cause great chaos within our own lives and rule our emotions.

Anger is a destructive emotion. “You made me angry,” is a phrase often used. However, like all other emotions we choose to be angry. Choosing to be angry is a conscious choice. We choose our reactions to situations; and we are in control of our path, our choices in dealing with situations and others effects our daily life.

We all know there are people out there that just cause problems. For some reason or another we are stuck into a web of drama and dealing with undue problems in our lives. This recently happened to me, and I was caught in that position feeling like I needed to defend myself. When it happened, I was shocked and it caught me off guard. Once off guard, I took the defense. I replied to the middle man using my words. I was shock, hurt at the middle man’s mistrust, defensive because I knew I did not provoke this, and I was angry.

This one little event ruined my day, changed my mood, changed the way I interacted with others, took time away from my studies, took time away from the friend that supported me while I raged on the phone and most of all it effected my body and my wellbeing. I got a headache, blood pressure raised; it added stress and all this steamed from one little email.

I remembered the Reiki Principles, “Just for today, I will not anger.” I also remembered a sticker I had purchase in last October, “W.I.T.C.H. Women In Total Control of Herself.” So I took a break. I sat in my little happy spot and silently meditated on the issue. It no longer was about the gossiping women, it was about my ability to let small insignificant events bother me. Part of being pagan is, knowing everything is a life lesson. Next time you are in a situation that irritates, angers, pushes your personal boundaries ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” “What is my lesson here?”

To deal with anger you need to really examine why you are upset. Are you really mad at the person that cut you off? Or perhaps you’re mad at yourself for not getting out of the house sooner. This life is full of stresses but it’s in how we deal with these stresses that we truly begin to grow and change, growing closer to our spiritual path.

Releasing anger is just as important as release negative energy before stepping into circle. You wouldn’t go into circle, with anger or mistrust with your fellow pagans, would you? Why would you go about your day carrying anger and mistrust in you? Release it all. Take a shower and visualize the healing water cleansing you all the negativity. Physical activities are a great way of releasing anger. Activities such as going to the gym, getting involved in a sport are a huge release. Also having a good support system to vent and communicate your feelings. Even writing it out in a journal will help.

Don’t be afraid of or ignore your anger use it to help you grow. So together. Just for today, I will not anger.

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