Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ramblings and then some…

My Saturday night was spent in the ER with my poor husband. He has been plagued by cluster headaches since he was about 10 years old. So far they have been manageable up until here recently. He has had this stupid headache for almost a month. It got bad enough on Saturday night that I finally convinced him to go to the ER (since it was after midnight and a weekend). The doctor on staff insisted that it was just a really bad migraine and proceeded to give him a set of three shots – which did not work at all. He was still suffering from it the next day. The only good thing that came out of this visit is that he was finally given a referral to see a neurologist. Hopefully we can start managing these headaches.

Since he was still suffering from those headaches on Sunday, I went out and spoiled him just a bit. I went to Papa Murphy’s and brought home those two pizzas you see below. Both were very yummy. Although I did add extra chocolate chips and marsh-mellows to the smores pizza. We were both in Heaven!

yummy pizza from papa murphy'ssmores pizza for a sick hubby

My insomnia has not gotten any better at all through this pregnancy. I fell asleep around 10pm Sunday night and woke up at 2am. It’s now 11:30am and I have yet to even start to feel tired or want to take a nap. I know I am going to need one soon if I am going to function the rest of the day. Although It was nice to see the sun rise this morning – minus the snow that came for about 4hrs.

snow in Februarymoi

I will be glad when spring comes. I can’t wait to see all this grey turn into green again! I am so not a winter person. Give me spring or summer and I am happy. Autumn is beautiful but depressing because I know it only leads to winter. And, wow this post is all over the place today. Sorry about that.

Anyway, one last thought – I miss my tiny belly! It has gotten so huge and I still have 3 months left to go! See:

9 weeks26 weeks

My belly at 9 weeks pregnant and then again in the same tank top at 26 weeks pregnant. It is such a huge difference! I can only imagine how much bigger I am going to get!

And on that note I think I better stop before I ramble on to much more!

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