Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Handling Stress

Warning: Lots of venting and some whining will ensue. I apologize in advance for this very whiny post.

Last week I mentioned how stressed out I was. It started with the college returning my tuition for a miscommunication with my bank. While trying to figure out what happened my college and bank will not work with me at all to fix any of it. So on top of tuition I have to pay a $35 NSF fee because “it was returned” and a $20 late fee for being late with my tuition. I personally do not think I should have to pay $55 for their mistake. I was on time with my tuition – I even have the email confirmation to prove it and the confirmation of it being returned four days later.

I had the funds in my account and I do not feel like I should be punished for a miscommunication between the college and my bank. The cashier at the college was rude and completely mean to me. I did not handle this well at all. Instead after I left the college I ended up going home where  as soon as I walked in the door my cat threw up all over the recliner. I took a deep breath and went into the kitchen to get some borax to soak it up. I never should have walked into the kitchen. We have a bad ant problem here in the Tri-Cities and my sink was steaming with them. Apparently they loved my husbands cereal dish…A LOT.

That was the icing on the cake, I immediately went and hid in my room and just cried for a few hours. I even ended up calling my husband at work because I could not get my emotions under control. Needless to say I freaked out some of his coworkers and one of his supervisors. They were able to tell I was crying – even though I thought I had done a good enough job to hide the fact that I was sobbing my eyes out.

When Matt got home from work we talked it all out. He helped me realize that shit happens sometimes that we can not control. That it was too easy to just pay the fees and call it good. To make me feel better he took me out to Shari’s to eat since I had not had anything to eat since 2 that afternoon (it was now after midnight).

He called in to work the next day to help me out. That day was amazing. I was able to relax and get myself under control. Or so I thought. The very next morning my sister called me freaking out about Dad. His blood work came back with stuff in it again. So the way she explained it to me I thought my Dad’s cancer was back and immediately broke down again. I called my Dad, who was not answering his phone till several hours later. He explained to me that yes his blood work came back wonky again, but that it was because of his acid reflux and that he will have to have surgery to correct it. Acid reflux can cause colon cancer so the doctors are going to run some tests just to double check every thing and make sure nothing has come back. While I am worried for my Dad, this was better than hearing my sister freak out about how his cancer was back.

Now we play the waiting game. I pray that all his blood work and colonoscopy tests come back and say that he has a clean bill of health.

Needless to say, I did not handle all the stress well. And if you are still reading this I give you big kudos and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to vent.

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