Monday, February 20, 2012

Magickal Monday's: Symbolism (Guest Post)

Happy Presidents day and welcome back to Magickal Monday's!
Let's welcome back Lea From Spiral Charmed Life. She is back today to talk about symbolism and the importance it has in religion.


Symbolism has an important place in every religion and spiritual path.  Symbols give strength and they give comfort; they draw people together and they mark people out.  And in the Pagan community, with its near-infinite possibilities, that is especially true.  Some symbols are nearly universal, while some instantly identify a person as being of a specific tradition, and yet still others are as individual as the people who bear them.  For example, I have a tattoo of a crescent moon and a star – similar to, but not the same, as the Muslim crescent and star – that has always represented my religion to me, but it isn’t connected to any Pagan traditions that I’ve come across before.

But the symbol I want to focus on is one that is near universally acknowledged as having a place within Paganism – though not always fully understood – is the spiral.  Whether turning clockwise or counter, it spins both opened and closed at the same time.  The spiral is embraced across great swaths of the Pagan community, adjusted to suit each person or group’s need.

For me, the spiral is sacred.  I see the path of life, death, and rebirth as an ever-turning spiral – bringing us closer to Divine unity, leading us away from spiritual ignorance, and leading us through familiar patterns to the lessons we must learn.  I believe the pathway of life is a spiral.  It leads us out to a broadening of our minds; it brings us into a closer relationship with the Divine.  I have watched the spiral of my life unfold with something of a sense of awe.  I’ll go through something hard and I always strive to find the lesson.  Then I come around again to a struggle that reminds me of that lesson and I find a deeper or broader message.

The same with blessings.  I know once I have struggled and my lesson is found, I’ll find a time of peace with a different kind of lesson – like “don’t take life too seriously” – that lead to yet deeper understandings.  When I began noticing these spiral patterns in my life, I tried to figure out which was better.  Surely our lives can only travel in one direction at a time!  But I have found that in order to spiral in closer to the Divine, we must also spiral out from our ignorance (lack of knowledge) into greater understanding.

So if you find yourself in a downward spiral, don’t lose hope, for the spiral spins both ways.  Don’t lose hope, don’t give up, and you’ll find the spiral bringing good things back again.  And then you’ll realize it really is a spiral-charmed life.

Brightest blessings.


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