Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 100 List [revisited]

One of my besties:  Robin over at Penned Obscurities sat down and wrote a list of 100 things she wanted to do. You could call it a "Bucket List" if you want, but it's not a list of everything you want to do before you die. It is a list is 100 achievable actions that have been set out for yourself and are completely achievable. It's like a list of 100 goals. The point of this list is to challenge you to do at least one thing on your list every month/week/day. The point is it does not matter when you achieve these goals, as long as you have them and want to accomplish them. It is one you can participate in by recording your progress on your blog, journal or personal diary.

Robin started this list as a way to catalog her dreams, as a way to never lose passion for life. While creating this list, I will admit, the entire process of choosing what I wanted to put into it gave me some sleepless nights but not as many as it probably gave Robin. I would be asleep, or doing something random and then realize "I want this on my list!" Some of this stuff is silly and some of it made me melancholy—knowing that maybe some of these weren't going to actually happen (but I sure want get as many of them accomplished as possible).  I just have to keep a positive outlook and really try to put forth and effort to do this list. This list is s supposed to help you keep passion alive. So Robin asks, “What better way to be passionate than to instill hope, even if it is only in myself?”
With that I challenge you to write a list of 100 dreams and hopes that you want to accomplish in one lifetime. I challenge you to visit my blog or hers and tell us that you made your list and how you are going to document it.
 I set up a link for it so you can link up with us and show us your 100 list.

Become a Photographer 
Write a book
Get Married 
Visit Germany
Go Snowboarding
Own a fish
Get my AA
Finish a Scrapbook (again)
Get braces (to fix my teeth)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Road Trip across the US
Fly in a plane by myself
Design a web page for Moon Garden Grove
Go to South America
Get down to 160lbs
Become Financially Secure
Visit New York
Own a turtle
Get published at least once
Have children
Write Poetry (again)
Showcase my Photography
Get my Bachelors Degree
Finish getting my tattoos
Make a table 
Go skydiving (with my husband)
Get Moon Garden Grove organized
Get Healthy (no more junk food)
Visit Ireland
Go back to Whistler and  snowboard with Emily
Learn to play the drum set (again)
Make a Herb Shadow Box
Paint my House
Volunteer at a soup kitchen
See a rain forest
Be known as a creative person
Get to know my “mom’s” family
Walk barefoot across a beach
Write a love letter to my husband once a month for a year
Bring up my GPA
Learn German
Inspire Someone
Make my own meals instead of eating out
Write through a journal from start to finish
Do Yoga regularly
Kiss in the Rain
Own a Cabin in the mountains
Go to Disney Land
Go see my Uncle’s band play live
Get my Masters Degree
Have a girls day with my mother-in-law
Upgrade my camera and lenses
Build my own Photo Studio
Take a hiatus from technology and people for one day
Mediate at least once a week
Start saving money (and not spend it)
Go to Alaska and photograph it
Read all of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
Read all of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
Design my Kitchen
Own a telescope
Hand make all of my solstice gifts
Go to Japan with my Husband
Actually make it out to visit Bri
Send a soldier I don’t know a care package
Paint a picture
Wish on a shooting star
Get a job I love
Learn Irish Gaelic
Have a guilt free shopping spree
Swim in the Ocean
Go to Hawaii with my best friend
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go to Vegas with my in-laws and husband
Never lose myself for someone else
Learn to trust in people again
Photograph my nephews
Actually finish my 365 in 52 weeks photo journey
Learn to make jewelry
Learn to knit
Get Laurel K. Hamilton’s signature
Get down to 140 lbs
Have an all natural at home birth
Get and write to a pen-pal
Own all the HP Books
Document my husbands’ range days
Design my house and not feel guilty about it
Learn to like tea
Cut soda out of my life for good
Spend 48hrs with only my husband
Learn to play the guitar or piano
Plant a garden of my own
Finish my front and back yard
Try a brand new non-American food
Design my own webpage for my photography
Spend an entire day with the woman I call “mom”
Forgive myself for my past
Write the truth and not feel guilty about it
Do at least 5 things on this list in 1 year

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