Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memories, Dreams, Reflections 2011


This year my proudest accomplishment was that I went away to two different spiritual retreats. One was the Native American Sundance and the other was the pagan Summerstar. Both were so much fun and very educational. I hope to do it again soon! 


This is us for Thanksgiving this year. I seriously can never get him to take a serious picture. But I love this man with all my heart!


One of my favorite little men, apparently I just cracked him up all kinds when him and my sissy were home. She was on leave from Afghanistan this summer and got to bring her kids with her for a visit. It was full of fun and laughter. We still giggle about it to this day.


This was the first snow fall we had this winter...and I think it is going to be the last to. The snow only last maybe a few hours if that before it all went away.


Best birthday ever, hands down. I finally got to know that we are expecting a baby boy in May!


This is what happens when we get bored. The face paint comes out!


When Scott and I got to play around with a Pagan themed photo shoot. It was awesome!
He is also going to do my maternity shots in April. Seriously can't wait to work with this talented photographer again!


One of the first spring days we had this year and it was followed by and awesome THUNDER STORM! My favorite type of weather.


This was up by Rim Rock. I had such a fun time camping up there this year. This is also one of the pictures I took on the way up to Summer Star.


Just a beautiful hot summer day. I miss living in the country. It is so peaceful and quiet.


Usually it is spent at home being a barefoot and pregnant housewife. Which I totally am loving. Although it does get lonely every now and again. I am glad school is starting up again. Goddess willing I will have my AA before Kaileb makes his grand entrance into this world. And it will get me out of this house!


Kaileb is definitely all BOY! Every time I look at this picture I grin from ear to ear!


Our alter from our Lamas ritual this year.


We all started out as friends at the beginning of this journey and now we are like family.
I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters.


Not the best picture (I forgot my camera that night). The Black Hat Party for Halloween.


Zombie Walk! We are hosting another one this coming October. I seriously can not wait to do it again!


My sissy who is over in Afghanistan for another 30 plus days. She is finally on the last leg of her deployment. I can't wait for her to come home. Especially since she should get back here in time for Kaileb to be born!


Our last night in Disney Land...and the night we conceived baby Kaileb. Haha, sorry if the was TMI but I seriously could not resist saying that upon seeing this picture.


I was bitten by a zombie on Halloween. 


Caterpillar! He and his buddies hung around our tent during one of the many camping trips this summer.


Merry Christmas!


Finding out we are pregnant after our loss earlier that month. Best memory for 2011!


I know he will end up changing some what once he settles into the role of fatherhood. That is going to be a good change. I just hope the even though Kaileb is on his way that we can still just be us, just a more complete better us.


This summer I did a photo shoot for Reach Out and Read for The Modified Dolls. I am an advid reader. As you can see I have one of my favorite books in my hand by my favorite author Laurel K. Hamilton. She writes both the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series. I love both, but Anita definitely kicks some arse!


My hope is that I will continue to have a healthy pregnancy and get to meet my healthy little boy come May. My dream is that he will grow up to be just like his father and I.

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