Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little About Me


Obsessing over: The baybay! Lol, he takes up so much of my thought process now a day. From what to cook for delivery and after. What to do with the nursery and oh so many other things all baby related.

Working on: My blog. I am trying to get it more organized and put together. So keep coming back and check it out from time to time. Just bare with me if my blog looks a little messy from time to time.

Thinking about: Food! I am always hungry or munchie here lately. I blame my little Turtle for that one though.

Anticipating: Turtles arrival. I can not wait to meet my little boy!

Eating: Nothing at the moment. Just sipping on some water as I have been having some swelling going on lately.

Wishing: I could visit my family and friends more often. It really helps seeing them when I am stressing out more than I should be.

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her self portrait challenge/giveaway!

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