Friday, December 2, 2011

Time for a Change?

Photography by Scott Bunter
4 months, 16 weeks. I still have a long way to go (6 more months) but I feel as if I am already changing. I also think that because I am changing, I am in need of a change here. I created this blog to represent me. Just me and my life. This a part of my life, I know that, but I feel a strong urge to change things up here to embrace what I am becoming.

I am thinking a new blog name and a new design would be wonderful. I have had a few friends comment and tell me a few ideas to what they thought would be good. So far the one that is really sticking out is "From Maiden to Mother". Although I do want to find another word for "mother"  Something that will stand out.

I know one day I may change it up again, but that day is very far from today. For I will not be a crone for a long time to come. I still want to be true to myself, my pagan life, and this journey I am taking while I am in transition from maiden to mother. As much as I love "Capturing Life's Magick" I feel that it is time to say good bye to it.

What do you think? Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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