Friday, December 9, 2011

Hai There

This past week has been super busy and hectic. Hence the lack of posts. As of right now I am using my phone for this little update.

Yesterday I post my 17 week bump update. I then was playing catch up with all the lovely bloggers in my Google reader and some not. While doing so I ran across a few other bloggers who are expecting. When they post their bump updates they usually have a list of things they are experienceing or noticing as they reach that week. I considered doing this just to see what it would be like.

Before I did though I wanted to ask my readers if that was something they'd like to see or are you more interested in the picture? Anywho leave me a comment and let me know. Maybe next week I will have a more detailed post for 18 weeks or just a photo. So until then stay warm in this chilly weather of ours. Unless you live somewhere warm, then just know I am very jeleous of you right now.

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