Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Modified Dolls

I work with an amazing group of girls who do monthly charites. Here is a list of what charities we do each month:

December: Toys for Tots

January: Alzheimer's Prevention(Naughty New Year you will want to remember!)

February: Women Thrive and National Aids Awareness

March: Eating Disorders (National Eating Disorders Association edap.org)

April: Autism Speaks


June: Nature.org

July: Pinups for Soldiers

August: Leukemia and Lymphoma

September: Ear Candy.org (children's music charity)

October: Learning Disabilities Awareness

November: Feeding America Or Feeding Your area if you are located In another place! Food Bank Charities basically!

December: Make a Wish Foundation

Their Facebook Page

If this is something you'd be interested in come check us out and fill out an application to become part of an amazing group of girls.

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