Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Hai

I'm not ignoring my blog. I swear. I have just been super busy the last few days. The hubs and I had friends staying with us and we were on the go pretty much the last two days.

Something really awesome I want to mention is under the full moon light my group Moon Garden Grove did a little ritual for the hubs and I to help us on our journey to becoming parents. I thought that was so cool of them. The energy of the group was amazing. I had to ground out twice because I was so pumped after it. I honestly can't describe the amazing feeling that you get during ritual, or how hyper I get right after. No matter what it is always like this. It is like I am high on life. I love it.

Anyway, I am out to enjoy a day by myself. No company. No friends (that I know of) are stopping by. Not that I don't love it when they do, but it is nice to have a day to you self every once in a while. Especially since the hubs is at work. That means that I can get more stuff done around the house today! 

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