Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Oh my goddess it is September already!!! Where has the time gone? I know that technically we still have 22 more days of summer left, but damn. It was just starting to feel like summer for me and then BAM it’s already almost over. Now I need to get more things done. My mind is reeling with all the possibilities of what’s to come. My favorite holiday is right around the corner and soon the leaves will be changing color. Although really hatelove racking all those leaves from the three gigantic trees in our yard.

Also fall brings back awesome television shows. I seriously cannot wait for the new season of the Son’s of Anarchy.  After the way they left last season I am seriously chomping at the bit for it to start again!

Also, can not wait to see everyone's ideas for costumes. My friends I got bored the other night and we decided to paint our faces and test out ideas for the Zombie Walk coming up here next month. Another thing to look forward to. 

Without glasses.
  I really hope I have contacts by the time this walk happens!

With glasses.

All three of us. Oliver did both mine and Charm's faces and I did Oliver's. I kinda think he looks like a cross combination of Jack Black in Nacho Libre and the cartoon character in The Princess Frog.

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