Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
SOA! lol, for those who don't know what that is it is Son's of Anarchy! Jax is freaking hot!

{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?
Oh Yummy. Of course {but it really depends on what they have in their ears}.

{three} do you have dish or comcast?
Direct TV.
{four} what's your favorite current fashion trend?
Jeans and Tank-tops =]
{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue, what would it be?
A computer programmer.
{six} red or white wine?
Red. I'll drink white on occasion though.
{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)
Chinese Food!!!!! I can't get enough of it. 
{eight} hp or mac?
Undecided. I really want a Mac but I only have experience with HP, so we will see when the time comes.
{nine} what color is your bedroom?
At the present moment, a boring white. But I am going to be changing that up as soon as I can.
{ten} what's your favorite form of exercise?
Yoga or walking. I find both very relaxing.

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