Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Star Days 3 & 4

The last two days of Summer Star were amazing and I really wish I never ended. I also wish I had been able to get pictures of the fire dancing we did. Well it was more dancing around the fire while the drummers played their songs. Amazing. Simply amazing.

There is nothing like getting lost in the beat of the drums and being memorized by the licking flames of the fire. To be able to lose yourself and find your meditative state. Again not to sound like a broken record, but the last two days were amazing.

Well the third day and night was amazing. The 4th day was busy packing up to go home. Here's the pics from then, and I promise that there are no more from Summer Star.

Day 3:

By the way it felt so good to take my braids out and I loved the way it crimped my hair!

Day 4:

The whole gang (can you tell which two managed to stay out of all the pictures?)

After we took off we ran into this beautiful wheat field. Well mainly because Oliver and I got separated from the rest of the group and took the Washington side home instead of the Oregon side. Since we made that mistake we took the opportunity to drive to my Dads and see how he was doing.

He had just gotten out of knee replacement surgery. My sister scared me with a picture of it. They stapled his knee back together and it was black and blue from hip to toes. OUCH!

After we checked in with my Dad we headed back to the Tri Cities and got to take some much needed showers. Next year I think we are going to look into those solar powered showers. They'd be cold but oh so nice!

Hope you enjoyed these very long picture overloaded posts!

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