Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Star Day 2

Day 2 was pretty much like day one just minus all the  unpacking and setting up. This day was filled with a lot of relaxing and getting to explore the shop area and playing games. I think the funnest part was being able to participate in the woman's ritual and then later on that day hearing the men's ritual. 

Ready for some picture over load? Well ready or not here it goes:

Call me crazy but I really like this pic of me and Oliver!

So James Bond right? Well that was what we called him when he wore it. If you saw the pants he wore with the get up you'd understand why.

This lady quickly became my soul sister. She is absolutely amazing and has the biggest heart ever!

Yeah it was that hot, especially with these two running around belly dancing the day away!

Trin found a little friend, he just keep coming on back to our camp. Or maybe it was just a lot of different little friends and we just did not know it.

I feel completely gypsy and yet thug here. What do you think?

Like I said we had a lot of fun watching and learning from these two.

Complete Goddess status right here. I love this robe my hubby got for me.

Goofing off with Uncle Oliver.

This place was just amazing. I love how green it was.

Oh and the cute wild life we ran into all the time too!

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