Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Star Day 1

Over the next few days I am going to be telling the story of what happened at Summer Star 2011.

The first day was mainly spent driving. Since I was doing the driving there are not any pictures of that. But let me tell you the drive up there was breath taking! It honestly could not have been any better. I love the mountains. The clean, crisp air, the way it smells after it rains. Just so fresh! It may even be better than the way the country smells after a thunder storm. Only barely though.

Beacon Rock State Park is absolutely stunning. Even when raining. Which it was for the most part on the drive up there. All the way until we were finished putting up the tents. Then the glorious sun came out just for a tiny bit. To bad I didn't take pictures at all of that. I did however take plenty of pictures from the first official day up there.

Warning this might be picture over load for today and the next days to come.

Auntie Tina and Kiki just waking up after a very chilly night. The sun felt so good after that.

Little Miss Trin is so not a morning person. Takes after her Auntie and Mommy on that one.

Oliver was ready to start cooking us breakfast. Did I mention this boy is a genius in the kitchen? Yeah I found that one out at Sundance. Amazing!

This was so cool. The lady camping next to us made this leaf out of concrete and some glass paint. How cool is that? I am so amazed at the detail in the vines and how wonderful the colors meshed. 

Kiki was ready for lunch here. And below are some shots of this cool closed off path we saw on our way to the little store down the road for honey for our tea. Look how green and pretty it was!

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